About Us

Canaloo is a Canada-based online store for phone accessories. Canaloo is the #1 stop to the best case for the best device at the best price! We also offer FREE shipping in Canada and US.

Canaloo believes in 4 values:
-People: It's not about money, but happiness for everyone
-Fairness: Fair price if not low
-Quality: What we sell, we sell quality
-Simplicity: Simple shopping experience, simple resolution process

The Story

I was not a big fan of screen protector and casing, for I believe the phone is an elegant piece of art (the phone is already in its finest state, any attachment is degradation to it). I had smashed my unprotected iPhone screen a couple times. Since I don't have apple care, every time it spent me more than 200 dollars to get a replacement of refurbished iPhone from an Apple store. After a couple rounds of smash and pay, I finally leant the lesson and decided put a screen protector on my iPhone. Ever since then, my screen has never been broken. It saved my money and put me in a good mood when I picked my phone on the ground =p.   

From necessity to opportunity, I took the results of that and launched Canaloo in in August 2014, 1 month before the announcement of iPhone 6. It's a tiny business ran by 1 person, me., providing cost effective screen protector for iPhones through the canaloo.com website. Why name it Canaloo? Canada + Waterloo, as I was graduated from the University of Waterloo.

The future 

I am planning to expand the product line to more phones, while keeping the website simple and effective. Many customers have suggested me to sell iPhone cases. My short answer is yes, but only limited to simple clear silicon case. There are 3 reasons. First, I'm not artistically-minded. People's taste is vastly different and I'm not able to manage a high volume of product variation myself. Second, it will cost a lot more for you. Fancy cases usually requires extra packaging protection which equals to bigger parcel and higher shipping cost. Third, as I mentioned, phones are designed for ergonomic and aesthetic. Complex casing usually strips away these benefits(while you may argue it protects the phone as well, which I agree). Maybe I will change my mind in the future. Who knows.

Thank you for shopping on Canaloo!