The iPhone 6/6 Plus screen protectors have arrived!

If you visit this website, you have bought an iPhone 6 or 6 plus most likely. The materials making the protectors are all from South Korea, while assembled and packaged in China. I have verified the quality myself. I can guarantee you its the best screen protector you can get for the price I'm selling for. Each item, whether matte or clear surface, is $3.99 including shipping. It will be shipped through Canada Post's standard letter mail which has no tracking number (hopefully it will make it). It's only available for customers in Canada and the States, since I live in Canada and I find shipping within the continent is the most profitable for both me and you in terms of the speed and the price. The marginal revenue is around $1.50 for me. It's a small and start-up business, and of course I hope it grows. Thanks for visiting my website!


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